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About ProGov21

Progressive Local Government for the 21st Century (ProGov21) is a non-partisan fully searchable digital library of progressive policies and practices for local government. As used here, “progressive” means simply and only "advancing shared well-being with respect for all" and "local government" means any non-federal and non-state public entity with power (counties, cities, villages and towns, but also commissions, authorities, and districts). ProGov21's searchable digital library includes laws and suggested laws, ballot measures, executive orders, regulations, policy analyses, case studies, factsheets, and other materials.

ProGov21 is operated and maintained by COWS, a national think-and-do tank based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. COWS researches and promotes "high-road" solutions to social and economic problems that treat inclusive shared opportunity and reward, environmental sustainability, and capable, resilient, democratic institutions as necessary and achievable complements (not "tragic tradeoffs") in development.

ProGov21 believes that to deal with the many problems of this world all we need is a willingness to recognize and help each other with good evidence, common sense, and a bit of love and urgency. ProGov21's mission is providing progressive policy resources and model legislation to people and policy-makers, via our growing digital library of progressive policy and practices and help in their communication. Nearly all elements in the library come from other organizations working on the wide array of issues that local governments regularly confront.

ProGov21 staff works daily to update our resources, but its usefulness critically depends on user-generated or user-referred content from others. So while we hope ProGov21 will be widely used for public good, we also need your help in building and maintaining it.


  • If you have useful material you think should be here but isn’t, please contribute it (see Submit Material); and
  • If you have any comments on the site or any suggestions for improvement (especially ones you’re willing to help implement), please contact; and
  • If you can contribute money to this effort, that’d be nice too! (see Donations)

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